Camden Youth Recorder Group


Great work again today! 

- Please practice your double tonguing and arpeggios for the Vivaldi concerto. See if you can work out the next bit.
- Layil & Catherine's group are playing the Purcell Chaconne. Click on the link below for demo and video versions.

- If you're a beginner treble, try to get a bit further in Book 2. The next 10 tunes all use notes you already know.

 Treble Recorders 

We would like everyone to be able to play the treble or 'alto' recorder and to have one to practice at home.

This is a larger recorder with a lower pitch. If you would like to buy one of your own before the next session, we recommend one of the Yamaha models. They are available from Amazon  here 

The 'Ecodear' model is manufactured from plant-based plastic and looks like a particularly good deal at the moment. (We're not sponsored by Yamaha or Amazon - other makes and suppliers are available!)

If you would prefer to borrow one from Camden Music, free of charge, that's also fine. We'll ask your parent or carer to sign for one at the next session.


Online version,

audio demos &


Online version,

audio demos &


 Complete parts, audio demos and accompaniments 
 The Flautadors 

Celia and Catherine's recorder quartet

 Next Session 
Sunday October 31     3:15 - 4:15 PM    Zoom session with Ian Wilson

We'll send you a link

See you then!