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Pop bands, rock bands, jazz bands, funk bands....

Classic tunes with detailed video tutorials, sheet music and audio for

bass, drums and horn section.

Miley Cyrus
Julie and the Phantoms

Create your own rock band with this play-a-long track

Try to play-a-long to this hip hop track. You can download the music by clicking on to the pdf below.

Try your hand at some Reggae

Tried Rock band 1? Then why not have a go at Rock Band 2!

Have a go at playing some

Drum and Bass!

Fancy getting a bit funky? Try out this track!

Have a go at this 2nd Hip hop track. Click on the pdf below.

These pdf's show the main sections of the song. It is up to the listener and player to decide on the arrangement

Led Zepplin

The Kinks



Taylor Swift


Curtis Mayfield

Foo Fighters


Ray Parker jr

Ben E. King

Beastie Boys

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