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BandLab for Education allows you to record yourself singing or playing and to compose music using loops or by playing in from the computer keyboard.

It's a 'multi-track' recorder which means you can record yourself in layers, singing or playing several parts at once or with a backing track. 

You can change the tempo of the music (useful for practising slowly) and edit  (cut up and copy) your recordings.

You can mute or solo each track, control its volume and add effects like reverb and echo.

Teachers can set up classes and assignments to help you compose, or to practice and record your playing and singing.

You can share your work with your teacher and other members of your class.

You can ask questions and get one-to-one help.

To sign up you need to email the teacher of the class and ask them for a code. We're not allowed to give you codes on the website. 

This video shows you the first steps:

* Go to https//

* Click 'Start as Student'

* Enter the code from your teacher

* Sign up with your email (or it's fine to make one up)

Or just follow these instructions:

So far there are 4 classes connected to this site.

 1. 'Brass Class' - for Brecknock and Fleet brass players.
     (If you're not one of them, you're still very welcome to sign up and give it a try!)

 2. 'Recorder Class 1' - Camden Recorder Book 1 tunes.

 3. 'Recorder Class 2' - Camden Recorder Book 2 tunes.

 4. ABRSM Bb Brass Grade 1 - Piano accompaniments

Once you're in a class you can choose to go off on your own and compose your own music as well!

We'd love to know what you think. If you like them we'll add some more!

Get the secret codes from Rod Arran: 

Say which class(es) you'd like to join and he'll send you one of these: