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Fleet Brass

Summer 2021


This Week


Thursday 1st July

Year 5 Group 1
The Saints
Year 4 Trombones
The Saints
Keep practising those first 5 notes!
Year 5 Group 2
Ode to Joy 
The Saints - trumpet 2
4 low notes - C B A G
G major scale (click here)
Year 4 Trumpets
The Saints
Keep practising those first 5 notes!
Click on the links to get to the pages you need:

Sticky valves & slides?

click here 

How to practice
Here are some videos to inspire you:
More parts for 'Ode to Joy'

Second trumpet

Open PDF for full part.





This part only uses two low notes (C and B). Ideal for people who haven't managed to do much practice or are still struggling to get the higher notes, but it's also a good warm-up for everyone else. 


Trombone - bass line

Open PDF for full part.

Warm-ups here
New Tune! 'Ode To Joy'

Open PDF for full part.

Trumpet lesson
Trombone lesson
Play along
This is quite fast.
Don't expect to manage it straight away.
You'll need to practice all the bits separately and slowly first.
Three new low notes
1. 4 notes down.png
Please watch the videos and do all the exercises.
Two short easy tunes with only low notes. (You may have played them on the recorder).
It's Another Rainy Day
2nd trumpet and trombone parts for 'When the Saints' with low notes.
Saints - trumpet 2 lesson (easy)
Saints - trombone lesson (quite hard!)
Now try them with the play along videos
Saints - trumpet 2 play-along
Saints - trombone play-along
If you can play the 3 high notes (A B C) you're ready to try:
- St Thomas - part 1(main tune) click here
 It says it's for trumpets, but it's great on trombones too!
- St Thomas - trombone (bass line) click here
 We started this last term.
If you can't, please keep practising!!

When the Saints Go Marching In

Last 2 lines
First 2 lines (if you missed them!): here

Complete play-along

3 high notes and a C major scale

Mostly for Year 5,but, if they've been practising lots, some Year 4s might be ready for this too!



When the Saints Go Marching In

1st 2 lines only - more next week
Rhythms & Notation
Trumpet notes
Trombone notes
Full version with demo & backing track  here

Chromatic valve & slide patterns

More here


Trumpet warm up

Trombone warm up

More warm-ups here

Trumpet: first 5 notes

Trombone: first 5 notes


First 5 notes page here

Reading exercises with the first 5 notes here

'C Jam Blues'  

Play the 'head', then try improvising (making up as you go along) your own

short riffs with the backing track (here).  

Start by using just these 3 notes: C F and G