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Music Technology

The software we mostly use at Brecknock and the CLC is Logic Pro X.

Unfortunately it's quite expensive and only works on Apple Mac computers.

Here are some of the free apps that work on all platforms, so you can get on with your Music Tech at home!

1. BandLab For Schools (Covid-19 Free Edition)

Bandlab logo.png

This fantastic software is available free of charge for the first time.

If you've used Logic or Garageband it should look quite familiar.

It works on PCs and Macs and stores all your work in the cloud,

so you can work between devices and share projects with friends.

It only works with the Chrome and Edge browsers though. 

Ask your mum or dad to read the 'Info For Parents' PDF, then help you to register and log in here:  (they'll need to click the 'Start as a Teacher' button, it doesn't matter if they're not really teachers though!).

If you prefer, you can join a Brecknock or CLC 'class'. Then we can send you assignments and tutorials to get you started. Email Rod ( to ask for a registration code.
There are lots of things I'd like to try out - I really need some volunteers!

Click here for more information

2. Soundtrap


Similar idea to BandLab with a similar interface. Multi-platform and in the cloud!

There's a basic free version and a 30 day free trial of the 'premium' version (more loops, more instruments).

Alternatively, email Rod ( to register for lessons and tutorials.

3. Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab
chrome-music-lab copy.png

A great introduction to very basic music programming.

Entirely online, no registration or download.
These two are the best:

- Chrome Music Lab - Rhythm

- Chrome Music Lab - Song Maker

4. Audacity

This is just for audio - you have to either import audio files or record your own with a microphone.

You can layer as many tracks as you like and it's got some really good effects.


And if you do have a Mac computer...

5. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro

This only works on Apple Mac computers and normally costs £200.

However, there is a 90 day free trial period, so if you already have a Mac it's definitely

worth a try.
It's a complex, professional application and a bit daunting to start from scratch, but we can send you specially configured templates and instructions if you email Rod (

Logic logo.png

6. Garageband

For Apple Mac and iOS 

This is the app CAMJAM use on Saturdays. Lots of schools have it on iPads and it's free.
It's a cut-down version of Logic, The iOs (iPhone/iPad) version is quite different from the desktop one. They're both really good fun!




Amelie has been checking out her dad's new drum machine:

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