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Month of Maying

Book 3 Help

The Month of Maying

A tune with C sharps (here) and C naturals.
Watch the play-along video first:
If you want to start practicing it, open the PDF
Here's a version for 5 recorders: descant, treble, tenor, bass and great bass.
Now is the Month of MayingQuintet version
00:00 / 02:18
and some singing versions:
C sharp
C# rec.png

C sharp (C#)

Fingers 1 and 2, no thumb.

Like an A without the thumb on.

It's in between C and D.

Higher than C, but lower than D.
It's also sometimes called D flat (Db) 

C# tab.png

Looks like this:


Sounds like this:

C# ks.png

When there are two sharps in the key signature, all the Fs and Cs are sharps.

Try these exercises:
A tet.png
And a D major scale
D maj scale.png


New note: High F

On the

top line 

1. High F trans.png
- Finger a low F natural
- Take your little finger off
- Bend your thumb

Looks like this:

High F.png

Thumb bent

like high E

Like low F, but

no little finger

Sounds like this:

High F
Some exercises and an F major scale here
Here's EastEnders, the last tune in Book 2 (click here).
Two videos to help you learn it below.
Do the lesson first, then practice it slowly, line by line (it'll be tricky to start with). Then try it with the 'Play along'.
This is Charlotte Barbour-Candini playing a treble recorder in the final of
BBC Young Musician 2012. This is one of the hardest recorder pieces ever (even harder than EastEnders!) She was only 6 years older than you then.
All Blues
Some theory
The notes
New note: B flat
B flat
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