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Brass - beginners

Getting started

Getting Started

Beginner Book
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Warm ups

1st 5 notes

The first 5 notes - C D E F G

Trumpet: first 5 notes

Trombone: first 5 notes

1 First 5 Notes.png

Click on the triangles to hear the notes on your instrument.

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Page 18 :SAINTS
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Arpeggio Pattern

14 Merrily - Full Score.png



The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Lion Sleeps Tonight
Bass Line
Middle Line
Lion sleeps - Trumpet 2.png
Top Line
Lion sleeps -melody.png
Two Blues Tunes

Two Blues Tunes

Cs, Ds, Es, Fs & Gs
The low notes

The Low Notes

These are the 7 lowest notes on your instrument.
Starting on C and working down in semitones.
7 semitones down.png

Click the yellow arrows to hear the notes and try to match them on your instrument

Relax your lips as you go down.

Trumpets: Try to remember the fingerings in order - it's a really useful pattern:

Trombones: It's a bit easier for you - just push your slide out a bit further for each note.

Use your ears!
Unless you've got very long arms, you probably won't be able to reach the last note yet.

3 high notes

3 higher notes

A B C.png

When you can play Cs comfortably, try the Trumpet 1 parts for:
Mercy Mercy Mercy
St Thomas

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