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ABRSM Grade Exams

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Trumpet Grade 1

Grade 1

Pieces we've chosen:

A: Theme from 'A Musical Joke' (Mozart)

B: Romanza (Davoren)

C: Strollin' (Stowell)


Scales & Arpeggios

C major
A minor

Aural tests

Grade 3

Trumpet Grade 3

Pieces we've chosen:

A: Rondo Olympia (Davoren)

B: Pavane (Faure)

C: James Bond Theme (Norman)

Played on a euphonium but notes are the same!

0:06 Full speed demo

1:20 Slow demo

3:03 Slower demo

5:12 Even slower demo

8:22 Accompaniment only (full speed)

No accompaniment

With accompaniment

Scales & Arpeggios

Eb major
E major
C minor
E minor
Chromatic - starting on D

Aural tests

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