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You can check out a range of drumming lessons and resources to advance your progression and development.


Video Resources:

Various Drum Grooves

Jazz and Blues



Latin Rhythms 2


Find lots of exciting drum exercises to really test and progress your drumming ability. You can view the pdf below.

Watch Tom demonstrating the Samba Independence exercise from Algo-rhythm.

Watch Tom demonstrate the paradiddle inspired drum solo, "Portrait of Harry" from


Odd Time Exercises

Try out playing in 5/8 and 7/8 time with these bass backing tracks. The drum transcriptions are exercise 7. Tracks1-10 are in 5/8 and exercises 11-20 are in 7/8.

Tom Cambata.jpg

Snare Drum Sight Reading

Practice some basic sight reading exercises on your snare drum to get your skills super tight! Open up the pdf below.


Style It Out

Have fun learning and playing along to these 20 pieces in 20 different styles. The audio files have the track with the drums and then without.

These Are The Breaks

Get your break beats together with this in-depth look at Hip-hop culture, artists, producers and equipment.


There are lots of transcribed drum examples going through the decades and a high lighted look at some of the most influential producers and the beats they have written 

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