Mercy Mercy Mercy

Our version - demo
Heading 6
Original version
Arranged by Deirdre Box

Use the menu on the left to move between the pages.
Practice all the bits first - there are videos to help.
Trumpets start with part 2 - it's much easier.
Then go to the complete versions and try playing the whole tune.


Trumpet 2 part A

Trpt 2 A.png

Trumpet 2 part B

t2 B corrected_0002.png

Trumpet 2 part C

Trpt 2 C.png

Trumpet 2 part D

Trpt 2 D.png

Trombone part A

Trb A*.png

Trombone part B

Trb B.png

Trombone part C

Trb C.png

Trombone part D

Trb D.png

Trumpet 1 part A intro

Trpt 1 A.png

Trumpet 1 part A tune

Trpt 1 B.png

Trumpet 1 part B

t1 C corrected_0002.png

Trumpet 1 part C

Trpt 1 D.png

Trumpet 1 part D

MMM t1.4 corrected_0002.png
bars rest
MMM t1.4 corrected_0002.png
Just trumpet 2
Without trumpet 2

Trumpet 2

repeat from A*
bars rest
MMM my vn - Trumpet 2 cor.png
Just trombone
Without trombone


MMM my vn - trb a cor_0001.png
MMM my vn - trb b cor_0002.png
Just trumpet 1
Without trumpet 1

Trumpet 1

MMM my vn - Trumpet 1 with Bbs!.png



Trumpet 1

Trumpet 2