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Schiarazula Marazula

About the tune

(c. 1535 - 1582)

Mainerio was interested in astrology and magic. This got him into trouble with the religious authorities of the time.

In 1624 the people of Palazzolo in Italy were accused

of singing and dancing to this tune to try to make it rain!

How to play it

How to play it

Watch the video a few times.

There are 3 things to watch:

 1. A recorder player.

 2. An animated recorder diagram.

 3. The music.

Don't try to watch all 3 at once!

Decide which is most helpful to you.

Like 'Old Abram Brown' each phrase starts on the last (4th) beat of the bar.

We call this an up-beat or anacrusis.

Shiarazula - 1st line.png

The first two lines are exactly

the same as each other.


Shiarazula - 3rd line.png

The last two lines are almost

the same as each other.

Just the last bar is a bit different.

Practice each bit slowly to start with. Make sure the quavers in the second half are twice as fast as the crotchets.

Try to play smoothly (legato), without any gaps between the notes, except where there are breaths.

Make the notes before the breaths a bit shorter so you can breathe without going out of time.


If you find it hard to go from high E to high D smoothly, maybe try these exercises again. 

When you can play both bits, watch the video again and see if you can play along.

Then go back to Book 2. Can you play it without the letters?

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