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Ode to Joy

About the tune
Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven composed this tune for the 4th movement of his 9th symphony. It was the last symphony he wrote and the first ever to include singers.


He was completely deaf when he wrote it!

The words, by Friedrich Schiller, are all about freedom and friendship.

The tune has been used in several films including 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Dead Poets Society'

It's also the tune of the 'Anthem of Europe', the (multi)national anthem of the European Union.

Things to practice

Things to practice

This low D is the only right hand note in the piece. Make sure you are ready for it and play it short so you can fit the breath in.

ode to joy - Descant.png

Tie this B to the 1st note on the next line

Don't play this note!
Tie it on to the one before.

Optional breath
(if you need it)

Dotted crotchet:
1       beats


The first 2 lines are easy. It's the second half you'll need to practice.

twice as fast as crotchets

Video tutorial

Make it full size!

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