Titanic Solo

Intro to 'My Heart Will Go On'

In the video the intro is played on a tin whistle.

This is similar to a recorder, but normally made of metal. It only has 6 holes on the front and doesn't have a thumb hole. To get the high notes on a tin whistle you just have to blow a bit harder. Like recorders they come in different sizes and pitches.

pic inverted.png

Slurs and Ties

Lots of the notes in this piece are joined together with curved lines, called slurs and ties.


       join two or more different notes together. This makes the notes very legato - there's no silence in between them.


       join two or more of the same note together. This just makes one longer note.

On a wind instrument like the recorder you do them in the same way: tongue the first note, then keep blowing for the other notes under the slur or tie.  For a slur you move your fingers, for a tie you don't !

1st bit:

tongue these 2 notes only


Titanic solo A.png



2nd bit:

tongue these 2 notes only


Titanic solo B.png



3rd bit:


tongue all these notes 

Titanic solo C.png


Then you play the 1st and the 2nd bits again.
Last bit:


Titanic solo D.png
Back to the first bit - this is fun!


We're going to do a portamento from the A to the B by sliding our 2nd finger gradually off the second hole.
By doing this we get all the pitches in between the two notes. 

Complete intro

Recorder solo

With piano

Now go back to Book 2 and try the whole tune