Music Today

Monday 5th October


Year 6 Groups - Monday morning

6Y Brass 

Please do at least 15 minutes of practice today
(two lots of 10 minutes would be even better!)

1. Do the buzzing warm-up with just your lips (click here)

2. Do the buzzing warm-up with your mouthpiece (click here)

3. Practice your Cs (low) and Gs (high). (click here)

      Try the 3 notes in between: D, E and F

4. Make sure you understand crotchets, minims and semibreves (click here)

5. Try clapping the rhythm reading exercises (click here)

6. Reading Cs and Gs (click here)

7. 'C Jam Blues' (click here)

Don't just do it today - do it EVERY DAY !

6B Music Tech 

We were going to learn how to use the Bandlab keyboard editor today.
See if you can work it out for yourself!

1. Log in to your Bandlab account (instructions here if you haven't tried it at home yet).

2. Open the new project 'Playing the keyboard'

3. Follow the instructions...

4. Here's a video to help (click here) 

Year 3 Groups - Monday afternoon


Samba Band 

Can you make a Samba Band at home using everyday household things and a few members of your family?

Watch Tom's video to find out how!

Important suggestion!: Don't hit anything breakable and get your mum or dad's permission first !