Please remember to bring your instruments to school on these days:





1. Start by just buzzing your lips. (click here)

2. Then with your mouthpiece (click here)

4. Jingle Bells (click here)

6. Do the C & G reading exercises (click here)

6B Brass Players

3. Practice the first 5 notes: C D E F G (click here)

5. Do the clapping exercises (click here)

7. C Jam Blues (click here)

8. Headbanger Boogie (click here)

6Y Music Technology / Bandlab

Log in at home, if you can, then open the new 'Midnight  Sky' project.

(Click on 'Teacher's Project)

This week we muted Mily Cirus' track so we could just hear the instrument parts.

We started changing the instrument sounds to ones we preferred - try this at home.


Listen to all the sections (intro, verse, chorus etc) one at a time and try to work out which instruments you can hear in each.

On some sections the drums drop out (stop playing). Can you find them?

The band parts (drums, bass, keyboards, recorders & xylophones) are here

6Y Brass Players

First 5 notes: C D E F G (click here)

Jingle Bells (click here)

C Jam Blues (click here)