Year 4


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September 2020

Click this button for all the tunes, demos and backing tracks:

Week 9/Tues 10th

1. Keep working on Jingle Bells

    When you can play it slowly and neatly, try speeding up a bit.

    If you can already play low D, E F# you might like to start learning the verse.

2. We did these exercises with low D,

                  D, G D, / D, A D, / D, B D, / D, C D, / D, D' D,

    Try to do them every day!

3.  Some of us started learning the recorder part for the Miley Cyrus song

     'Midnight Sky' - it's here.

4.  Keep playing all the tunes and exercises we've done so far this term

Week 6

1. Practice Walking the Dog

2. Practice It's Another Rainy Day

3. Some groups learnt how to play a D (click here) and started Toad in a Hat

Everybody will do this in next week's lesson but have a go now if you feel ready!

Weeks 4 & 5

1. Keep practising Merrily if you are still finding it hard.

    Try it with the piano accompaniment and the 'band' accompaniment

3. Try  these exercises:

3. Practice 'Walking the Dog' - some of us started it this week.    

A C A __
G A B C __
B C B __
A B C __
C B A __
C B A G__
G A B C B A G__

Bass recorder

Week 3

1. We practised changing between notes today. Do these exercises first:

G G A __
G A B __
A A B __
B A G __
B B A __
A A G __

Remember to start each note with

your tongue : 'Dee'

2. Then we learnt to play Merrily (click here) 

Practise it lots. I'm going to ask you to play it on your own next week!!

3. Try these exercises too:

G A G __
A B A __
B A B __
A G A __


G B G __


4. We've looked at 3 sizes of recorder now:



Learn these names!

Here are two versions of a 20th century piece for tenor recorder:

Week 2

Well done with the  first 3 notes!

This week we learnt how to start notes with our tongues, by whispering 'Dee' at the start of every note.

We played 'Cups of Tea' - it sounded amazing for a first try!

That's all we had time for unfortunately, but I wanted to play you this video:

It was composed by Telemann (who also wrote the piece I played you at the start of the lesson) 288 years ago. 

The recorder player in the video is Frans Bruggen. He recorded it in 1967, when I was just 7 years old! He was easily the best recorder player in the world at the time. He's playing a treble recorder which is over 300 years old.

Week 1

Practice the first 3 notes: G A B


- left hand at the top.

- hold your recorder between your lips not your teeth.

- cover the holes carefully with the soft bits of your fingers.

- try to do 5 minutes practice every day


...and one day you might sound like this!



Year 5

- Please start working on 'Ode to Joy' here

Listen to the demo to get the rhythm of the 2nd half.

Extra help here

Version without the letters here

- Keep practising 'Bransle' here

Especially the quavers in the 3rd line - are you ready to go a bit faster?

Extra help here

Version without the letters here

- Keep playing 'Sur le Pont d'Avignon' here

Old tunes (Book 1) are here; new tunes (Book 2) are here

Everybody should have a recorder now.
Please make sure it has your name on it - we don't want them to get mixed up!


   1. Left hand at the top.

   2. Start every note by whispering 'Dee' with your tongue.

We have a few new people who haven't played before. Don't worry, we'll try to catch you up!

You might like to look at the Year 4 work - they've only just started playing too.


Get logged in and start playing with it at home if you can . Click here.

Year 6






1. Start by just buzzing your lips. (click here)

4. Check you understand crochets, minims          and semibreves (click here)

Please remember to bring your instruments to school on these days:

2. Then with your mouthpiece (click here)

3. Practice the first 5 notes: C D E F G (click here)

5. Do the clapping exercises (click here)

6. Do the C & G reading exercises (click here)

6B Brass Players

7. C Jam Blues (click here)

8. Headbanger Blues (click here)

6Y Music Technology / Bandlab

- Record something by playing the on-screen keyboard. 
- Change the instrument sound and the tempo.

- Make a drum track and try making a bass part to go with it.

There's a video to help you here.