Year 5

Happy New Year everyone!

Here are some things to keep you busy musically while you're at home.

Email Rod if you want some extra help!

This Week - 25th January

Some theory
The notes
If you haven't got round to it yet, please practice the new note - B flat.

2. Watch these brass videos. Do you want to play the trumpet or the trombone?

3. Listen to some of the music composed by 6Y in Bandlab last term - click here
    You all have a log in and can use it whenever you want to. More help here.
    Username is: (your first name, no capitals)
          Password: yearfive

Anis & Violette

1. Try the copying warm up this week here
2. 'So What' here and try improvising using E F# G A B over the 'endless accompaniment' here
3. Lip slurs here (every day!)
4. New one to look at 'Shiarazula Marazula' (quite easy!) here
5. Ode to Joy here


O. Mouthpiece buzzing to start here
- Timing - 3rd line bar 2, 1st note's a crotchet!
2. Ode to Joy here
3. Lip slurs here
5. Exam pieces: A Knight's Tale, Waltz for E, Puppet's Dance, Strollin'


This is the perfect time to do some regular practice.
Remember: the more you do, the better you get!
You don't have to do lots - just 15 minutes a day is plenty.
The important thing is to try to do it
every day!
Please read this with a parent or other grown-up now!
All the tunes you need, with demos and backing tracks are here:
Just click on the button
Start from the beginning and work at your own speed.
Play a tune you know well, then try something a bit harder.
It would be fantastic if some of you could play EastEnders next time I see you!
I'll be adding some more extra help videos and some new, harder tunes over the next few weeks.  
Keep looking!
If you only came to Brecknock in Year 5 and want to catch up, go to the Year 4 page (here).
They only started last term too

Music Tech


Brecknock Bandlab

Website address:
Username:(your first name, no capitals)
Full log in instructions here or watch the video:
Once you've opened an 'assignment' you can take the 'personal project' option and compose something of your own - I'd love to hear it!
Watch this video to remind yourself about the basic controls.

Go full size,

the writing's quite small

There's a 'Basic Controls' assignment in your BandLab 'classroom'.
Have a go yourself.
I'll be adding more assignments soon.

Singing & Choir

Lots of you were in the choir last year and sang brilliantly at the Royal Albert Hall in March.
Here are some reminders:
Normally, we'd be practising for the Primary Singing Festival.
It can't happen this year, so Camden Music are organising a 'Zoomival' instead!
There are four songs to learn:  
click here
Have a listen and see whether you'd like to join in.
More songs to learn, just for fun, here
Have you watched everyone's Christmas videos yet?
They're here


Watch these trumpet and trombone videos and have a think about which you'd like to try when we get back to school