Year 4

Summer 2021

2nd half term

This Week - 6th July


If you're in one of the groups who have already started Book 2
all the tunes (music, demos and backing tracks) are here
'Titanic' is here / 'Sur le Pont d'Avignon' here'Bransle' here / 'Pray the Rain' here  / 'Ode to Joy' here

- Extra help with 'Ode to Joy' here - check out the last line!
- High E practice page here - please try all the exercises.
- The next important tune is 'Ronde' here. Extra help here.

Everyone else should still be practising London's Burning, Funky Freda & Raga.
Everything you need is on this page. (Use the menu on the left).
Book 1 (complete) is here 

It's time to learn F sharp (F#) - the missing note!

F# recorder.png







F# copy.png
Finger a low D, then take off finger number 4

It's in between low D and E; higher than D, lower than E.

F# 1 copy.png

in the 1st space








Please watch the video and do all the exercises.

Go full screen

We'll start some tunes with F#s next week, but if you want to get ahead....
Here's a video lesson for the next tune 'Raga'.
make it full screen!
And an 'easy-to-read' version, with a piano accompaniment.
Raga- piano accompaniment
I've been trying to go quite slowly - hope most of you are keeping up!
If you want to go a bit faster, remember there are new notes and more tunes here:
Here's the video lesson for 'Funky Freda':
If you're not sure how to play an E click here.
... and the full version to play along with:

Go full screen!

...and the simplified notation with piano accompaniment:
Funky Feda - accompaniment
It's time to learn how to play the note E.
If you can already play a low D, this is quite easy!
Just finger a Low D and take your 6th finger off.
Watch the video and do all the exercises:

Hopefully, most of you can play London's Burning now! (here)

Can you play it off by heart, without looking at the music?

This week we're going to play it as a round.

Everyone starts from the beginning, but at different times. When the first player starts the 2nd line, the second player starts the 1st line, staying one line behind all the way through. This works because all the lines sound good with each other. Because there are five lines, you can have up to five players all starting at different times. Here's a video with four players:

Watch this!

Watch it and try to work out what's going on.

Choose one player and follow him.

Play along with one of the four parts.

If you find it hard to keep up, you could start by just playing one of these lines over and over again. It will sound fine!

L's B easy 2nd line.png
Easy 4th line.jpg

Here's a challenge! Can you play a part on your own? 
Try with this video. I play first, you go second.

Please start practising London's Burning here

Use these videos to help:


Make it big!

If your low Ds are still a bit squeaky, keep practising them, but when you're playing the tune don't worry - it's best to keep going. They will improve!

If you still need to practise the basics, the videos are still here:

1. Hand position
3. Tonguing
2. First 3 notes: G A B
4. Changing notes
Now practice some tunes. Play some easy ones, then choose something a bit more difficult.
Click on the button

Lockdown 2021

Home practice message,
January 2021

This is the perfect time to do some regular practice.
Remember: the more you do, the better you get!
You don't have to do lots - just 15 minutes a day is plenty.
The important thing is to try to do it
every day!
Please read this with a parent or other grown-up now!
All the tunes you need, with demos and backing tracks, are here:
Just click on the button
Start from the beginning and work at your own speed.
Play a tune you know well, then try something a bit harder.
As a rough guide:
- Everyone should be able to play G, A, and B, Cups of Tea and Merrily.
- Most people should also be able to play C and D, Walking the Dog and Toad in a Hat.
- Some of you will be able to play low D, Waltzing William and London's Burning
- A few of you may already have gone even further and be ready to start 

Singing & Choir

Lots of you were in the choir last year and sang brilliantly at the Royal Albert Hall in March.
Here are some reminders:
Normally, we'd be practising for the Primary Singing Festival.
It can't happen this year, so Camden Music are organising a 'Zoomival' instead!
There are four songs to learn:  
click here
Have a listen and see whether you'd like to join in.
More songs to learn, just for fun, here
Have you watched everyone's Christmas videos yet?
They're here