Year 4

Happy New Year everyone!

Here are some things to keep you busy musically while we're at home.

This Week - 19th January


Please start practising London's Burning here

Use these videos to help:


Make it big!

If your low Ds are still a bit squeaky, keep practising them, but when you're playing the tune don't worry - it's best to keep going. They will improve!

If you still need to practise the basics, the videos are still here:

1. Hand position
3. Tonguing
2. First 3 notes: G A B
4. Changing notes
Now practice some tunes. Play some easy ones, then choose something a bit more difficult.
Click on the button


This is the perfect time to do some regular practice.
Remember: the more you do, the better you get!
You don't have to do lots - just 15 minutes a day is plenty.
The important thing is to try to do it
every day!
Please read this with a parent or other grown-up now!
All the tunes you need, with demos and backing tracks, are here:
Just click on the button
Start from the beginning and work at your own speed.
Play a tune you know well, then try something a bit harder.
As a rough guide:
- Everyone should be able to play G, A, and B, Cups of Tea and Merrily.
- Most people should also be able to play C and D, Walking the Dog and Toad in a Hat.
- Some of you will be able to play low D, Waltzing William and London's Burning
- A few of you may already have gone even further and be ready to start 
I'll be adding some extra help videos over the next few weeks - keep looking!

Singing & Choir

Lots of you were in the choir last year and sang brilliantly at the Royal Albert Hall in March.
Here are some reminders:
Normally, we'd be practising for the Primary Singing Festival.
It can't happen this year, so Camden Music are organising a 'Zoomival' instead!
There are four songs to learn:  
click here
Have a listen and see whether you'd like to join in.
More songs to learn, just for fun, here
Have you watched everyone's Christmas videos yet?
They're here