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Brecknock Bandlab

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Using it at home

Login at home

- You need a computer (PC or Mac) 

- You need either the Chrome or Edge browser.

- Everyone in Year 5 and Year 6 has their own log in.
  Just follow these instructions or watch the video.

1. Type

    into the search line.

    Press the enter key.


2. Click  Log In


3. Your Username is your first name, followed by either or e.g. (if I was in year 5)

yearfive   or   yearsix

(all small case - no capital letters). (if I was in year 6)

Your Password is either

Click Log in

yearfive   or   yearsix

3. Your Username is your first name, followed by either

yearfive   or   yearsix

yearfive   or   yearsix

Click  Continue


4. You can add a photo if you want to - you don't have to.


5. Click on 

     Brecknock Y5 - Autumn 2020


      Brecknock Y6 - Autumn 2020


6. Choose an assignment, then      click on   Start Assignment


The  Personal Project  button will only work if you've started and saved something already.
More on this later...

7. Click on

            Teacher's Assignment


8. You're in!

Using the keyboard

Using the Bandlab keyboard

Log in to your class and open the

'Playing the keyboard' project

Instructions are on the left side of the screen.

If you prefer, watch the video (sorry about the sound quality!)

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